blog-2SESQUI is a new and inspiring way to see and understand Canada: an immersive journey into the heart, soul and future of this great country. Powered by cutting-edge technology, SESQUI offers a revolutionary 360° cinematic experience marking Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation. In 2017, SESQUI invites millions of Canadians to be co-creators of the Canada they want for the future.

Featuring the full dome screening experience along with virtual reality storytelling, interactive games and learning resources, SESQUI showcases the best in Canadian arts and innovation. By engaging with our landscape and culture of creativity, we invite all Canadians to participate in Canada 150 celebrations and to share the future that is all around us.

2017 Programming


The film HORIZON is the showpiece of SESQUI. A 360° cinematic journey into the heart of Canada, HORIZON is a visual spectacle that celebrates the people, landscapes, and freedoms that make Canada home.

Created and captured with revolutionary 360° technology and featuring hundreds of performers from across the country, HORIZON is a sensory and emotional experience for audiences of all ages. Designed to be viewed in 360° domes, planetariums and virtual reality environments, HORIZON shows us Canada in ways it’s never been seen before.


SESQUI’s mobile app, MERIDIAN VR, is one of Canada’s most ambitious virtual reality storytelling projects to date. Six original VR stories introduce us to Canadians shaping their world through creativity. Combining 360° video with interactivity, MERIDIAN VR explores how different ideas of home come together to create a collective understanding of Canada, and includes the VR version of our marquee film, HORIZON.


The SESQUI Learning Hub provides a wealth of tech-driven resources for educators and the public to explore Canada through the arts. We believe valuable understanding comes from seeing Canada in new and inspiring ways.

Using our mobile app MERIDIAN VR, our 360° film HORIZON, and our MEET YOUR SESQUATCH experience, the Learning Hub offers curriculum connections, suggests learning activities, provides behind-the-scenes videos and helps to integrate these resources into the classroom. Overall, the content on the Learning Hub will assist educators to start conversations about “home,” identity and the future of Canada.


The SESQUATCH is a curious, creative creature who reflects the diversity of Canada – because everyone has their own! MEET YOUR SESQUATCH is an interactive videquiz that invites users to create their own personalized SESQUATCH based on their answers, and then to share their creations on social media.

Canadians can also participate in GUESS THAT SESQUATCH contests and view other user-contributed SESQUATCH in our interactive gallery. Your SESQUATCH is out there somewhere; come find it with SESQUI!


Throughout 2017, our website, social networks and email newsletters will function as a regular source of news and information, providing a forum for passionate Canadians to share stories and engage with SESQUI activities and conversations. SESQUI.ca will feature original multimedia and VR content, learning resources, information on SESQUI events and programs, contests and challenges, and conversations about Canada 150 and the future of Canada. Sign up for our SESQUI newsletter and never miss a moment.

Canada 150


Canada 150 marks the 150th anniversary of Confederation, the process that brought the federation of Canada into existence. To acknowledge this milestone, and look to the future, the Department of Canadian Heritage is supporting a series of Signature Projects: large-scale, participation-oriented, high-impact activities of national scope. These projects will bring Canadians together to celebrate, participate in events and share experiences.

As an ambitious, purpose-built venture that is national in scope, SESQUI is proud to have been chosen as a Canada 150 Fund Signature Project.

We believe that immersive, 360° storytelling provides a new, inclusive perspective for understanding Canada and exploring the pillars of Canada 150: diversity, Indigenous reconciliation, youth and the environment. SESQUI’s content aims to empower artists and creators from every community to share their stories about Canada, to foster dialogue and support educational opportunities for future generations.

SESQUI thanks the Canada 150 Fund for its generous support. Learn more about Canada 150 here.




  • What is SESQUI?

    SESQUI is a revolutionary 360° cinematic journey into the heart and soul of Canada. With a vision to see and understand Canada in new and inspiring ways, SESQUI aims to engage millions of Canadians through its immersive cinematic and virtual reality content, online activities and learning programs showcasing the best in Canadian arts and innovation. SESQUI is a Canada 150 Signature Project, poised to lead celebrations across Canada in 2017.

  • What does SESQUI mean?

    SESQUI is short for sesquicentennial, or 150 years. 2017 marks the 150th anniversary of Confederation in Canada.

  • What does it mean to be a Canada 150 Signature Initiative?  

    Pan-Canadian Signature projects are large-scale, participation-oriented, high impact activities of national scope. These projects are designed to bring Canadians together to celebrate, participate in events and share experiences.

  • What led SESQUI to be involved with Canada’s 150th anniversary?

    Read the SESQUI story here.

  • How does SESQUI reflect the diverse makeup of Canada?

    At our core, SESQUI reflects all of Canada and we have taken to heart the four Canada 150 themes of diversity and inclusion, Indigenous reconciliation, the environment and youth. Our mission to showcase diverse art and culture from across Canada is reflected in all of our programming, from our marquee film to our VR stories, ongoing content and the SESQUI experience. We have collaborated with artists and creators from across Canada to highlight some of the incredible people and places that make Canada home.

  • What inspired you to create SESQUI?

    Read more on what inspired SESQUI here.

  • What is the artistic vision for SESQUI?

    SESQUI hopes to foster a spirit of participation that inspires us all to continue growing and building toward a better future. We want people to dream about what is possible when we come together around the belief that Canada is more than just a place but also a feeling and an idea that we all share. We value inclusion through diversity and see technology as a conduit for the exploratory spirit. We’re excited about the future and to tell our collective stories by merging arts and tech to create something that’s always pushing boundaries and creating conversations.


  • Who should see the film?

    HORIZON is a sensory and emotional experience for audiences of all ages. It is appropriate for kids.

  • Is the programming and film bilingual?

    In accordance with Canada’s Official Languages Act, SESQUI programming will be fully bilingual and available in Canada’s two official languages. The film HORIZON has no spoken words.

  • Where can we see the film?

    HORIZON will be available in a variety of ways, including in fixed and mobile domes and on digital platforms.

    The SESQUI tour will launch in the late spring/summer of 2017. Dates and tour communities will be announced in early 2017. Audiences can also see the film by downloading the SESQUI app, MERIDIAN VR.

    The film will be formatted for virtual reality and made available through MERIDIAN VR in three separate five-to-six minute acts.

    We are also working with a number of fixed full-dome theatres including planetariums throughout Canada that have the technical capacity to screen HORIZON. Information on when and where these viewings will take place will be available in early 2017.

  • I was inspired by what I viewed in HORIZON and I want to know where you shot specific scenes.

    HORIZON has 90 separate scenes, shot in over 35 different locations across Canada. We have posted a time-coded, scene-by-scene shot location list on our HORIZON film page and will release a companion printed and online programme to HORIZON in 2017.


  • Which communities are you visiting?

    Please see our SESQUI Near You page for information on where to see SESQUI content.

  • Why are you using a dome?

    The panoramic canvas of the dome’s hemispherical screen allows us to present a 360° experience. Filmed at the high resolution of 9K, HORIZON is best viewed in a dome theatre environment with adequate projection.

  • How many people can your dome accommodate?

    Our travelling dome has a 45 person capacity. We are planning for a five-day visit in each community, with 25 shows per day.

  • Which planetariums will be showing the film?

    In spring 2017, we will announce the list of planetariums across the country that will be hosting our film. The first exhibitions are expected to be in May 2017.

  • If the film is not being screened at a dome or planetarium in my community, how else can I see it?

    You may also see our film in VR formats (through our app and/or partner apps), at various festivals and exhibitions and in flat 2D video sharing environments like YouTube.

  • If the dome is coming to my community, how can I get involved?

    We have a number of volunteer roles involved in our tour that offer exciting ways for people to join our initiative. We anticipate most of our local event-related activity to ramp up four weeks before arrival and as the tour event begins. Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering.


  • How can I access MERIDIAN VR?

    The custom-designed app will be available for OS X and Android, across all major VR platforms, including Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard. Users can download the app for free onto their mobile phone via the Apple Store, Google Play or the Oculus Store. Short excerpts of 360° video will also be available on the SESQUI website.

  • Why is the app called MERIDIAN VR?

    MERIDIAN VR is a companion to SESQUI’s marquee 360° film, HORIZON. The term MERIDIAN comes from astronomy, in which the horizon is a circle separating two hemispheres, and the meridian is a circle running perpendicular to the horizon. Together, these two circles create the frame for a celestial sphere.

    The sphere is the defining shape of virtual reality – SESQUI’s VR pieces are created as immersive 360° spheres – and the circle is a shape that symbolizes unity. MERIDIAN VR brings stories of different creators together in one virtual environment. Partnered with HORIZON, it offers a 360° view of the different places, voices and elements that make up Canada in 2017.

  • I am having trouble downloading the MERIDIAN VR app. What might be the issue and solutions?

    Make sure you are using a phone that supports MERIDIAN VR’s content. Check your internet connection, as you will need to be connected to view MERIDIAN VR’s streaming content. Check your platform account (Apple App Store, Google Play, etc.) to ensure you have all necessary updates.

  • I am having difficulties viewing your MERIDIAN VR content. What might be the issue and solution?

    If problems occur with the app or with the VR headset you are using:

    For Cardboard, make sure your headset is correctly assembled and your phone is inserted properly.

    For Gear VR, make sure you have the Oculus and Samsung VR apps downloaded onto your phone. (This should occur as a part of Gear VR setup.) Make sure your phone is connected via the headset jack. When you insert your phone into Gear VR and put on the headset, it should take you into the Gear VR/Oculus menu system. Locate MERIDIAN VR in your Library. For more info on troubleshooting for Gear VR, please see the official documentation. [https://product-guides.oculus.com/en-us/documentation/gear-vr/latest/]

    For information on troubleshooting Oculus Rift, please see the official Oculus documentation. [https://product-guides.oculus.com/en-us/documentation/rift/latest/concepts/rgsg-3-ts-setup-troubleshooting/]

    If you are still experiencing problems accessing SESQUI’s VR content, email us at info@sesqui.ca, and someone will respond to your questions as soon as possible.

  • Will individuals with health issues or dizziness concerns have difficulty using your VR content?

    VR is an unfamiliar sensation for many people. Before using, read the Health and Safety warnings in your preferred VR headset instruction manual. Carefully follow all instructions for setup and use. SESQUI recommends users adhere to individual VR headset manufacturers’ guidelines for use.


  • Is SESQUI hiring?

    Throughout the year, we may have positions that become open. We will post opportunities on our website and through social media as they arise. We will not have the capacity to reply to all of the CV/resume submissions we receive. Please contact us if you wish to apply to a specific opportunity.

  • Can I volunteer with SESQUI?

    You can volunteer by submitting your request to volunteering@sesqui.ca. There will be a formal call for volunteers issued in early 2017.


  • What is a SESQUATCH?

    SESQUATCH is a fun and interactive way to get Canadians involved and exploring identity in 2017. SESQUATCH is our official program mascot and the star of our interactive web quiz about identity and diversity. The name is a fusion of SESQUI and Sasquatch, a mysterious creature that some believe inhabits forests, mainly in the Pacific Northwest. See our SESQUATCH learning module, located in the SESQUI LEARNING HUB, for more info.

  • Why have you chosen this character?

    SESQUATCH is a reflection of Canada. The Canadian identity is notoriously hard to pin down – much like a Sasquatch. In Canada, no single identity defines us all. Rather, many different identities work together to make one country. With its different incarnations, each representing a unique Canadian, SESQUATCH symbolizes one of SESQUI’s core ideas: that Canada is a constantly evolving place we all create, through diversity and participation.

  • What digital requirements do I need to participate in the SESQUATCH program?

    SESQUATCH is built using WebGL. See below for technical requirements. For sharing on social media, users need a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. To participate in the Guess That SESQUATCH contest, users need a valid email address.

    Supported OS and hardware

    Windows (PC): Windows Vista or later with a GPU. Most recent computers (3 years old or younger) should work.

    Mac (OS X): 10.8 Mountain Lion or later with latest updates and a GPU. Most recent computers (3 years old or younger) should work.

    iOS: iOS 9.0 or later. Hardware: iPhone 5 or later, iPad Air series, iPad Mini Retina 2 or later, or iPad 4.

    Android: Varies due to the wide variety of manufacturers and Android versions. In general, a device with Android 5.0 Lollipop or later with Chrome and WebGL.

    Supported Desktop Web Browsers

    Google Chrome 9+ on all platforms that have a capable graphics card
    Mozilla Firefox 4.0+ on all platforms that have a capable graphics card
    Safari Safari 8.0 + Mac OS X
    Internet Explorer 11+
    Microsoft Edge

    Supported Mobile Web Browsers

    Android Chrome 30+
    Android Browser supported on Samsung Galaxy smartphones
    Android Firefox 4+
    iOS mobile Sarfari 8+

  • Where can I find my personalized SESQUATCH now that I have created it?

    Once you create your SESQUATCH, you can share it as an animated GIF on social media, or download the GIF to your device. Your design will also be automatically incorporated into the SESQUATCH collective, which cycles through user-contributed designs at SESQUI.ca.

  • How many different SESQUATCH can be created with your interactive quiz?

    Each time you do the quiz, a new SESQUATCH is created. You can only create one SESQUATCH per question cycle, but feel free to come back and create as many SESQUATCH as you like!


  • What types of curriculum are supported by your Learning Hub activities?

    The Learning Hub is a resource centre offering teachers videos, images and suggestions on integrating HORIZON and MERIDIAN VR into their classrooms. The content of both the film and VR app can be integrated in a variety of curriculums:

    • Social Studies
    • English (Language Arts)
    • Media Studies
    • Canadian Geography
    • History
    • The Arts
    • Music
    • Canada 150
    • Character Education
  • What is the target age for students to participate in the Learning Hub’s curriculum?

    The Learning Hub resources were produced with flexibility so that each teacher can use them according to their specific grade and subject. The activities feature overarching ideas and suggestions that teachers need to adapt to their respective grade and subject.

  • What are the Learning Hub materials?

    On the Learning Hub, you will find:

    • online video interviews and behind-the-scenes footage
    • suggested activities to integrate themes from the VR app and film into the classroom
    • images to use in lesson plans
    • social media links
    • information on where to view the film HORIZON (20 minutes)
    • links to download our mobile app MERIDIAN VR (30 minutes)
  • What is the philosophy behind the Learning Hub?

    SESQUI aims to offer transformative learning programs and initiatives to our audiences. We believe film and music are tools that can give a voice to Canadians, bridge cultures in our diverse communities and encourage perspectives that can transform the way we see our country. Our goal is to inspire Canadians to come together to create the Canada we dream of and to foster your vision for the future of our country.

  • Where can school groups see the film HORIZON?

    School groups can screen HORIZON in the following forums:

    • in the SESQUI mobile dome (click here to learn about our tour locations)
    • in select planetariums and science centres (click here for a list)
    • stream the film using your own device (click here for instructions)
  • We have some great ideas to contribute to your Learning Hub. How do we share things with you?

    SESQUI hopes to use our Learning Hub as an opportunity to dig deeper into the issues and perspectives touched upon in HORIZON and MERIDIAN VR. At your discretion we encourage you to share students’ responses, opinions and activities created in your classroom.

    Please feel free to contribute to this conversation via our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/sesqui2017 or Twitter via @sesqui2017 or send us an email to info@sesqui.ca


  • How do I know if I have successfully entered a contest, challenge or poll? How will I know if I have won a prize?

    Our Contest Rules and Terms of Service clarify how to participate in our contests, challenges and polls. We will attempt to contact contest winners three times through whatever contact information was provided with the submission.

  • Who owns the rights to photos and contributions submitted to SESQUI’s contests, challenges or polls?

    Unless otherwise stated in our Terms of Service or Contest Rules, by submitting content (posts, photos, films) to our contests and challenges, you maintain ownership over these pieces but provide us license and permission to use them in a variety of forums.

  • Who owns the rights to photos and contributions submitted to SESQUI’s contests, challenges or polls?

    Unless otherwise stated in our Terms of Service or Contest Rules, by submitting content (posts, photos, films) to our contests and challenges, you maintain ownership over these pieces but provide us license and permission to use them in a variety of forums.

  • If I am not Canadian, can I participate in your contests and activities?

    We encourage non-Canadians and Canadian expats to engage with us. However, unless otherwise stated, we can only offer contest entry for legal residents of Canada. In sending us content, you must also abide by the copyright rules of both Canada and your country of residence, if elsewhere.


  • Why should I join the SESQUI community?

    SESQUI offers Canadians an exciting array of community activities to participate in and explore, but that’s not all we believe in:

    • SESQUI is about storytelling and conversations,
    • SESQUI is an educational eye opener,
    • SESQUI is a platform to discuss the future,
    • SESQUI is about civic pride and diversity,
    • SESQUI is passionately and proudly Canadian, and
    • SESQUI is about the next 150 years of Canada.
  • Can I submit my own story to SESQUI Stories?

    We are always looking for untapped stories from across Canada. What makes Canadians tick? What are your aspirations for the future of Canada? What are your favourite Canadian things, places and activities? Why were you attracted to SESQUI? If you have something to share, we want to hear it.

  • What does it mean to be a SESQUI Ambassador?

    SESQUI Ambassadors are passionate Canadians who want to add to the conversation about the future of Canada. From time to time, SESQUI will invite ambassadors to provide us their perspective and collaborate with us on key projects, often in advance of launching new initiatives to the general public. In return for sharing their contributions, we may offer Ambassadors SESQUI-related incentives.

  • How do I become a SESQUI Ambassador?

    Starting in March, we will look to develop a set of new ambassadors each month. If you feel that your energy could help Canadians see and understand Canada in new and inspiring ways, please submit your profile.


  • Where can I find SESQUI on social media?

    Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and LinkedIn.

  • Can I write a guest post for your blog?

    Yes! We want to hear from you on topics including the future of Canada, storytelling, immersive technology, Canadian identity, diversity and inclusion, youth, Indigenous peoples and the environment. Let us know what you would like to write about here.

  • I have signed up for your email newsletter: what should I expect?

    We send out monthly emails to our user database with key announcements, news and opportunities. Rest assured that we will not sell your information to another partner and our practices are governed by our Privacy Policy, the Canadian Copyright Act and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

  • How does SESQUI ensure appropriate parental consent for youth engaging with SESQUI’s social media channels and digital activities?

    SESQUI encourages youth involvement but recognizes that this should come with parental guidance and consent. All of our activities conducted through social media abide by the various platforms’ terms of use. When we recognize and profile stories and content from youth or host contests for youth, we seek parental or guardian approval for children and youth under 14 years of age.




Inspired by innovations at Expo 67 that led to the creation of IMAX technology, SESQUI began with a simple question: How can emerging 360° technology provide new ways to see and understand Canada? A group of passionate, creative volunteers, led by Executive Producers Joanne Loton and Andrea Stewart, set out to find an answer.

Over the past three years, SESQUI has grown into a thriving hub of creativity and innovation. Over 500 Canadians, including artists, performers, filmmakers, digital wizards, expert technicians, small business owners and volunteers from every province and territory have contributed to the making of SESQUI. What binds us together is our shared belief that building Canada’s future is a creative act in which we all have a role to play.

Meet some of the people who helped build SESQUI on our Community Hub page.

Download a full list of SESQUI credits here.


Lori DeGraw
Executive Director, Ontario Land Trust

Peter Donolo,
Vice Chair, Hill+Knowlton

Victoria Grant, Vice Chair
President, Moving Red Canoe

Brad Kelly, Board Chair
Partner, Global Governance Advisors

David McMullen
Marketing/Franchise Executive

Aron Solomon, Secretary
Co-Founder, Law Made

Michael Staresinic, CFA, CA
Chief Financial Officer, Sprott Resources

 Joanne Loton
Executive Producer, SESQUI; Ex-Officio

Andrea Stewart
Executive Producer, SESQUI; Ex-Officio


Shelley Ambrose
Executive Director & Co-publisher, The Walrus

Denise Donlon
Music and Broadcasting Trailblazer

Douglas Knight
President, St. Joseph Media

Rob Olson
Managing Director, Manitoba Wildlife Federation

Lindsey Scully
Press Secretary (Canada), Airbnb