blog-2SESQUI is a new and inspiring way to see and understand Canada: an immersive journey into the heart, soul and future of this great country. Powered by cutting-edge technology, SESQUI offers a revolutionary 360° cinematic experience marking Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation. In 2017, SESQUI invites millions of Canadians to be co-creators of the Canada they want for the future.

Featuring the full dome screening experience along with virtual reality storytelling, interactive games and learning resources, SESQUI showcases the best in Canadian arts and innovation. By engaging with our landscape and culture of creativity, we invite all Canadians to participate in Canada 150 celebrations and to share the future that is all around us.

2017 Programming


The film HORIZON is the showpiece of SESQUI. A 360° cinematic journey into the heart of Canada, HORIZON is a visual spectacle that celebrates the people, landscapes, and freedoms that make Canada home.

Created and captured with revolutionary 360° technology and featuring hundreds of performers from across the country, HORIZON is a sensory and emotional experience for audiences of all ages. Designed to be viewed in 360° domes, planetariums and virtual reality environments, HORIZON shows us Canada in ways it’s never been seen before.


SESQUI’s mobile app, MERIDIAN VR, is one of Canada’s most ambitious virtual reality storytelling projects to date. Six original VR stories introduce us to Canadians shaping their world through creativity. Combining 360° video with interactivity, MERIDIAN VR explores how different ideas of home come together to create a collective understanding of Canada, and includes the VR version of our marquee film, HORIZON.


The SESQUI Learning Hub provides a wealth of tech-driven resources for educators and the public to explore Canada through the arts. We believe valuable understanding comes from seeing Canada in new and inspiring ways.

Using our mobile app MERIDIAN VR, our 360° film HORIZON, and our MEET YOUR SESQUATCH experience, the Learning Hub offers curriculum connections, suggests learning activities, provides behind-the-scenes videos and helps to integrate these resources into the classroom. Overall, the content on the Learning Hub will assist educators to start conversations about “home,” identity and the future of Canada.


The SESQUATCH is a curious, creative creature who reflects the diversity of Canada – because everyone has their own! MEET YOUR SESQUATCH is an interactive videquiz that invites users to create their own personalized SESQUATCH based on their answers, and then to share their creations on social media.

Canadians can also participate in GUESS THAT SESQUATCH contests and view other user-contributed SESQUATCH in our interactive gallery. Your SESQUATCH is out there somewhere; come find it with SESQUI!


Canada 150

Canada 150 marks the 150th anniversary of Confederation, the process that brought the federation of Canada into existence. To acknowledge this milestone, and look to the future, the Department of Canadian Heritage is supporting a series of Signature Projects: large-scale, participation-oriented, high-impact activities of national scope. These projects will bring Canadians together to celebrate, participate in events and share experiences.

As an ambitious, purpose-built venture that is national in scope, SESQUI is proud to have been chosen as a Canada 150 Fund Signature Project.

We believe that immersive, 360° storytelling provides a new, inclusive perspective for understanding Canada and exploring the pillars of Canada 150: diversity, Indigenous reconciliation, youth and the environment. SESQUI’s content aims to empower artists and creators from every community to share their stories about Canada, to foster dialogue and support educational opportunities for future generations.

SESQUI thanks the Canada 150 Fund for its generous support. Learn more about Canada 150 here.



Inspired by innovations at Expo 67 that led to the creation of IMAX technology, SESQUI began with a simple question: How can emerging 360° technology provide new ways to see and understand Canada? A group of passionate, creative volunteers, led by Executive Producers Joanne Loton and Andrea Stewart, set out to find an answer.

Over the past three years, SESQUI has grown into a thriving hub of creativity and innovation. Over 500 Canadians, including artists, performers, filmmakers, digital wizards, expert technicians, small business owners and volunteers from every province and territory have contributed to the making of SESQUI. What binds us together is our shared belief that building Canada’s future is a creative act in which we all have a role to play.

Meet some of the people who helped build SESQUI on our Community Hub page.

Download a full list of SESQUI credits here.


Lori DeGraw
Executive Director, Ontario Land Trust

Peter Donolo,
Vice Chair, Hill+Knowlton

Brad Kelly, Board Chair
Partner, Global Governance Advisors

David McMullen
Marketing/Franchise Executive

Aron Solomon, Secretary
Co-Founder, Law Made

Michael Staresinic, CFA, CA
Chief Financial Officer, Sprott Resources

 Joanne Loton
Executive Producer, SESQUI; Ex-Officio

Andrea Stewart
Executive Producer, SESQUI; Ex-Officio