SESQUI Ambassadors: Drew Lightfoot


What is Canada, to you?

Canada is a naturally astounding and surprising place. The diversity of people and landscape is unparalleled. The country represents so many freedoms; freedom of movement, speech and expression, to name but a few. A lot of Canadians take these freedoms for granted. I feel very lucky to be Canadian.

SESQUI has opened my eyes further than imaginable towards an understanding Canada and the diverse cultures that make it what it is. Although we are celebrating 150 years of Canada as an official body of territories, I find it incredible that Canada has been home to numerous indigenous tribes dating back tens of thousands of years. So much of the country is unexplored and under-enjoyed, I really hope more of us take advantage of the free admission to our National Parks in 2017.

What drives or motivates you?

I’ve been creating art in some form or another since I was a small boy. So many of my early artistic endeavors took place in nature – I used to wander the creeks by my childhood house making sculptures with natural clay or building forts out of fallen trees. The forests of my youth seemed boundless. I’m driven to keep that curiosity and fascination with the world alive in my work.

What appeals to you about SESQUI?

SESQUI is an opportunity to share Canada with Canadians. I wasn’t interested in showcasing the celebrities and well known places that so many Canadians already know. I was more into finding and celebrating the up and coming, the underdogs and the amateurs. Our film HORIZON is meant to be a time capsule of artistic pursuit happening from coast to coast. I hope it inspires many Canadians to get out there are create.

What do you see for the future of Canada?

I hope Canada remains politically neutral in the scope of global conflict. Our natural environment is our most precious resource and I feel it’s our generations responsibility to shepherd it for our great, great grandchildren.