SESQUI Ambassadors: Dora Cheng


I am an immigrant. I was not born in Canada, I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I’ve got to see quite a bit of Canada in the twenty-something years I’ve been here. I first moved to Montreal where I went to a French-speaking school, and then we moved to Vancouver, and then I moved to Ontario for University and finally, I moved back to Vancouver for work.

I’ve gotten to see quite a few of the big cities, and what has always struck me was how diverse it always is. I know that people always say Canada is really multicultural and everyone’s really friendly, but it’s abstract until you really experience it. The way that I experienced it is that there’s all kinds of people – people who speak French, there’s people who speak Hindi, there are all sorts of languages and (people) are all very friendly and very open. I’ve never felt unwelcome at all in my twenty-four years here. Of course, there are isolated incidents here and there, but I think out of all these years, you know, I’ve always felt very welcome. And it Canada became my home very, very quickly.