SESQUI Ambassadors: Heather Grieve


One of my main goals in life is to travel to every province and territory in Canada. So as soon as SESQUI came down the pipeline, I was like “Oh yeah, this is about Canada; 150 years; celebrating what it is to be Canadian; and also where we’ve been in the past and where we’re going.” SESQUI definitely hit home for me.

When I think of Canada, I think always the landscape. It’s something I’m mesmerized by. When I travel, I don’t go to the cities – I mean you have to fly to the cities but immediately I get myself out into the wilds of Canada. And that’s the thing that strikes me most; the wilderness. It’s absolutely amazing the fact that we have all of these different biomes, ecosystems and animal habitats. And beyond that it’s just icing on the cake, when you start talking to people around the country and realize that everyone has this deep love for it. So of course, I want to be part of a project that really examines what makes Canada so great.

SESQUI has a big technical side to it – it’s a little more off-beat than other projects we’ve done. What I like is that we’re always adapting and changing. And it’s very much a collaborative process between the SESQUI team and Helios. So it’s really been fun.