SESQUI Ambassadors: Vinit Borrison


Luckily in my field of work, I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to multiple places around the world. The one amazing thing that I enjoy doing while I’m shooting is actually seeing the rest of Canada because it is so enormous, so multicultural and so diverse in terms of it’s landscape that to see that with your own eyes is the best feeling in the world.

The SESQUI crew collectively shot this project HORIZON in a VR landscape to help other people that may not be as fortunate to get to travel around the country and really see what Canada has to offer.

And, I think seeing it projected in a dome – the first time that I saw that, it blew me away. We did rough cuts and used VR goggles to look at raw footage, but when you’re completely immersed in it, that’s a whole different thing. You actually feel like you’re there. So I’m really excited to show the rest of the country – to show HORIZON, to all the viewers who will come to see it.