SESQUI Stories: Jen Gorgopolous


I am an aerial circus acrobat and I’ve been doing that for 15 years now. And for the past 6 years,  I’ve also been working as a stunt performer in movies.

I’ve always been super athletic. I was a gymnast and I’ve always been a really emotional person. So it’s a really blessing that I’ve been given the opportunity to be able to do what I love – to combine the athleticism with emotion and creativity, and to be able to create something that I can share with an audience and be appreciated for it. I love when I can touch an audience member on an emotional level – that (I) can put that feeling out there (in a performance) and the (audience) can receive it. There aren’t too many jobs where you can get to do what you love and be appreciated for it.

Upon my trapeze especially I feel alive. It’s where I come alive.

I’m always extremely grateful I’ve been able to do extravagant things – like having a dream of flying on a trapeze and being able to fulfill that because I live I a country where I have the security and the ability to focus on something extravagant.

Silk dancers perform in an open field in Waterdown, ON

Silk dancers perform in an open field in Waterdown, ON