The Learning Hub

Welcome to the Learning Hub!

SESQUI embarked on a cinematic journey to mark Canada’s 150th anniversary of confederation through an exploration of Canadian art and landscape. At SESQUI, we believe the arts can help to communicate stories, ideas and feelings with the power to transform and celebrate the way we see our country. SESQUI showcases the diverse individuals and cultures in Canada and our hope is that this will serve as a great starting point for teachers to integrate Canada 150 into classroom conversations.

On the Learning Hub, you will find:

  • Online video interviews and behind-the-scenes footage from the film HORIZON
  • Suggested activities to integrate into the classroom based on our film and VR app
  • Images to use in lesson plans
  • Social media links (follow Canadians to learn from the authority)
  • Information on where to see experience SESQUI
  • Links to download our VR app and stream the film HORIZON

PLEASE NOTE: The Learning Hub resources are designed to support our film HORIZON and mobile app MERIDIAN VR.

We hope that these artistic and adventurous experiences will start inspiring conversations about Canada and Canadians. We will update and add to the Learning Hub throughout 2017. Sign-up here to stay up to date with our newsletter or email our Director of Education if you have any questions.