Iqaluit, NU

Sunrise / Nakasuk Elementary school / Kid in Playground
Scene #32, 83, MERIDIAN VR – Polarman

“We happened to capture the sunrise in Iqaluit on the shortest nights at this time of year, with only 3 hours of darkness. The cloud formations overhead reminded us to slow down and take a moment.” – Director Drew Lightfoot

“It was on a playground in Iqaluit that a playground fight led Polarman to consider the consequences of bullying, and to ask how he could help. He put on a Lone Ranger mask and a white suit and went down to break up the fight… and at that moment, Polarman was born.” – SESQUI Director of Digital, Joel McConvey

  • Polarman is a real-life anti-bullying superhero who patrolled @CityofIqaluit for years.
  • This #VR piece tells his origin story in 3 comics drawn by CDN artists Dan Day, Andrew Qappik & @LeishaRiddel.
  • Users start in the Polar Cave, a hideout designed by @pinnguaq, where they can choose a version to watch.
  • We shot 360 video around Iqaluit in winter to capture places from Polarman’s story.