Regina, SK

University of Regina campus / Wascana Park / Wascana Trails
MERIDIAN VR – Hani al Moulia: My Own Perspective

Hani al Moulia came to Canada after fleeing his home in Syria and spending three years in a refugee camp in Lebanon. The idea was for Hani to show us places in Regina that have helped him understand the city as home. Since education is so important to him, he took us to the University, where he studied English. He also showed us some parks and natural areas that reminded him of experiences he’d had in Syria, and connected his new home to the one he left behind.

  • Hani al Moulia came came from Syria, through a refugee camp in Lebanon, to Canada. His story is inspirational.
  • Hani has serious vision problems, but he’s learned to be a photographer. He says, “I don’t need my vision to take pictures.”
  • We toured with Hani around Regina, SK, where he showed us places that give him a connection to his old & new homes.
  • We visited @UofRegina, Wascana Park & the fields outside the city.
  • Hani had a huge year, working with SESQUI, @WEDay & @CanadianPM’s Youth Advisory Council.