SESQUI cops the Canadian Tourism Award


Ottawa, November 30 – On November 29, 2017, SESQUI was recognized by the Travel Industry Association of Canada by winning the Canada 150 award for Diversity. Competition was stiff as SESQUI was up against well-acclaimed Canada 150 tourism properties MOSAIC in Gatineau and the Fusion Festival in Surrey.

The judging criteria in this categorywas:

  • Celebrating of diversity in all its forms (such as linguistic, cultural, social, artistic and culinary) (20%)
  • Having a positive social/cultural impact on the host community(ies) or on Canada (20%)
  • Demonstrating innovation in the service or product (improvements to an existing product or service, or creation of a new one; creativity) (20%)
  • Stimulating economic and tourism activity in the host community(ies) (20%)
  • Attracting an international audience and/or the attention of the international community (20%)

The whole, sprawling SESQUI team is honoured to be recognized by the #CanadianTourismAwards with the Canada 150 Diversity Award, as a tourism event or product that celebrates the diversity of Canada.

“We are so proud to have been able to be a platform to showcase the incredible diverse artists, performers and everyday Canadians, as well as the landscapes of this beautiful country in 360˙ film and virtual reality – to Canadians and also around the world,” said SESQUI co-founder Andrea Stewart.

“A common reaction after seeing SESQUI is ‘I want to go there’ – we hope that SESQUI’s films inspire people to explore Canada and all its amazing riches in people and places. We’d like to give a special thank you to all the tourism organizations and operators who we worked with in filming, and holding events across the country,” SESQUI co-founder Joanne Loton exclaimed.

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For all tourism associations and exhibitions, don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tap into SESQUI and profiling Canada (or your part of Canada to the world).  We know the world already loves us as suggested by a recent global survey below by Statista, SESQUI may act as a tourism, trade and business development arrow in the quiver for Canada in the future:

Here is what attendees have previously said about HORIZON:

Watch our HORIZON film trailer:

Get in touch with us now  if you’d like to profile SESQUI,  HORIZON or our MERIDIAN VR elements to the rest of the world. 


With a vision to see and understand Canada in new and inspiring ways: SESQUI is a revolutionary 360° cinematic journey into the heart of Canada. SESQUI aims to engage millions of Canadians through its full dome and virtual reality content, online activities and learning programs that showcase the best in Canadian arts and innovation. SESQUI is a Canada 150 Signature Initiative poised to lead celebrations in Canadian communities this year., #SESQUI2017



Sean Moffitt |SESQUI Head of Marketing & Communications | 416-458-2818

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