SESQUI: The 2017 Recap & Future with Founder Joanne Loton

We felt it fitting that we interview SESQUI’s founder Joanne Loton on this, our shortest day of the year, and with only a few days left to go before the end of this magical Canada 150 year that SESQUI has had.

#1 What is the biggest thing you are proud of in bringing SESQUI to life as we close out 2017?

Joanne Loton: (JL): Bringing people together: Those who worked on the project and those who came out in their communities to take some time to explore and celebrate together.

#2 What was your biggest surprise?

JL: The outpouring of emotion for something that, albeit immersive technology, got people connecting with others across generations, in real life and with their community and people around them.

#3 Was there any one highlight in particular you could point to where you could say “yes, that’s what we wanted to achieve, boom”?

JL: When we were able to see firsthand how people felt while watching the film in the dome – the reactions on people’s faces. Too many moments like that to count.

#4 Given one more year, one more $million, one more yard of rope, what would you have liked to have added to SESQUI?

JL: Sending the dome and VR out to even more communities! They say there are about 260 communities over 10,000 people in Canada, it would have been nice to hit 300 then.

#5 So what happens next to HORIZON the film in 2018 – when can we see it next? will people see it around the world?

JL: Our film HORIZON will be available on YouTube until the end of 2018 to facilitate school use. The dome and VR activities will be available for anybody who wants to lease or watch for free. We’re in talks with other planetariums and 360° theatres around the world including EPCOT – excited to see that secondary international market interest – we shall see!

#6 What about these SESQUIdomes you helped build, I’m sure many organizations might want to immerse their customers, investors, recruits or employees, no?

JL: The domes are available to be rented for use – we have three of them! The revenue from corporate rentals helps SESQUI’s mandate to continue to use the film and VR to educate about and promote Canada’s creativity and landscape. We would like to explore how we can bring this experience to others in the art, science, political and corporate world. Reach out and let’s talk!

#7 What is your impression on the future of Canadian cinematic innovation, the arts and where immersive forms of technology are going?

JL: Personal dome experiences! Canada is a leader in this innovative technology – I think more and more people/organizations will recognize that,as great things continue to come out of our country.

2017 SESQUI Closeout

#8 What will you be doing in 2018/2019? 

JL:  Catching up on sleep and family time! But also, continuing to work on new ways to innovate in the media arts/sciences.

#9 Time capsule time, any message for the enterprising minds of 2067 who may want to celebrate Canada on its 200th birthday?

JL: Get together early to start planning! Bring people together, be creative and have fun.

#10 Postulate – in ten years, you will be doing ________:

JL: Bringing health and wellness to people through natural and tech-driven immersive experiences.

Attached is our wrap up video in English and French to summarize the year that was – enjoy!